The Bulls Academy Program (BAP) is based on the Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) national curriculum Skill Acquisition Program (SAP).

The Bulls Academy Program is designed to perfect and accelerate the skill development of identified players between the critical ages of 8 to 16. This is the age group universally acknowledged to be the optimal mental and physical phase in which children can learn motor skills.

The Bulls Academy Program aims to provide the necessary technical ‘tools’ to be able to play the game at the highest possible level with a focus on functional game skills.

The different Programs are:                                                                                                     

  • Player Academy Program
  • Calves Acadmey Program
  • Girls Academy Program
  • Goalkeeper Academy Program

What is the difference?

  • Extra pre-season training
  • Extra training session per week
  • Extra coach
  • SAP session plans
  • Teams will be nominated in the top league
    • MiniRoos (U9-U12) Kangaroo aka K1 (previously Komodo League)
    • Juniors (U13-U18) Div 1 or MJL (previously Premier League)

What is included?

  • Training Kit (shirt, shorts and socks)
  • All coaches have minimum Skill Training Accreditation
  • 30-week program
  • 2 x session per week of SAP coaching
    • Striking the ball / First touch / 1 v 1 / Running with the ball
  • Skill driven training game to increase players game knowledge

How do I apply?

Player Academy

  • Selection into an Academy Team is via trails or invitation.
  • Via expression of interest (EOI)


  • The players are invited by the Director of Calves during matches
  • Ideally each player will attend at least one session per season


  • This is available for any female who plays in a girls only team.


  • This is by your coach’s nomination. Only one player per team.

How much does it cost?

The Bulls Academy Program (BAP) aims to keep costs low making it affordable for all players. Academy Programs can be expensive, just because our prices are lower does not mean the quality is any different.


Our Cost

Comparison Clubs


Player Academy Program


$600 - $1,100

$800 - $2,500

Calves (U6-U9) Academy Program


$800 - $1,100

$600 - $2,500

Girls Development Program


Unable to find

$900 - $2,500

Goalkeeper Development Program


$15 - $50 per session







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