Membership fees are in accordance with our Registration Policy (POL-003).

Methods of payment?

From the 2024 season, ICFC will no longer be accepting payment at the Club.


All payments are to be made via bank transfer. This way both yourself and the club have an electronic record. Please ensure the reference is correct and you do not write "Fees", "Soccer" ect becuase we can not link that to the player.

BSB: 633000
Account No: 156143620
Account Name: Ipswich City All Sports
Reference: LastName FirstName e.g. SmithJohn

MiniRoos, Juniors and Seniors

From the 2024 season, Football Queensland is only allowing players to pay via the Squadi System which has the following options:

  1. Full Payment Option
  2. Instalments
  3. Payment Plans (to request payment plan click here)

Important Information

When do my fees need to be paid by?

Fees must be settled (paid in full or a payment plan established for the balance of fees) before:

  • Kits can be collected by players.
  • Registrations via Squadi can be approved.
  • Players can play games.

Worst case, fees should be settled by 31st March 2024

What if the player has trouble affording registration?

  1. The player/guardian can apply for a payment plan.
  2. The player/guardian can apply for the State Government’s “Fair Play” program which entitles the player $150 towards their registration fee. Further details can be found here: https://www.qld.gov.au/recreation/sports/funding/fairplay

FairPlay Vouchers Process

  1. You can apply for the State Governments Fair Play vouch (previously Get Started program) which could give you $150 towards your registration fee. Further details can be found here: https://www.qld.gov.au/recreation/sports/funding/fairplay/apply
  2. To Submit your voucher please go to My Account then Submit FairPlay Voucher.



  • The $150 will be added to the players account ONLY once the money is in the Clubs bank account which can take up to 4 weeks.
  • Not all vouchers are accepted by State Government, this is 100% out of the Clubs control.
  • Please do not hand your voucher to coaches, managers, Club Volunteers or the Canteen. The Club takes no responsibility for vouchers not submitted correctly.