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What Program do I register for?

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How do Players Sign on?

Registration is the responsibility of the player or parent/guardian. If you require help please attend our sign on / information sessions.

2018 ICFC Calves Logo Football Qld Football Qld

Calves Kick-Off (U3-U5)
Calves League (U6-U10)

MiniRoos Metro (U11-U12)
Junior Metro (U13-U18)
Senior Metro

Coaches, Managers, Club Referee

MiniRoos Advanced (U8-U12)
Junior Advanced (U13-U18)
Seniors FQPL (First & U23)

Now Open

Club website

Opens 8 Jan 2024

FQ Squadi website

Opens 8 Jan 2024

Selected players will be emailed the link.


2018 ICFC Calves Logo Calves U3-U10

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Football Qld MiniRoos U11 - Seniors

Please Note if you are wanting to set up a payment plan, please click here to request before setting up your registration.

1. Click on the link provided, or open Squadi in the app or website.
2. If you do not have a Squadi profile, select Create User Profile and create a new profile. THIS MUST BE THE PARENT FOR PLAYERS UNDER 18 YEARS.
3. Log into:
a. Squadi APP and select 'More' (bottom right) and 'Register Profile' OR
b. Squadi WEBSITE and select the 'Action' button (top right) and 'Register'.
4. If new player (player is not in Squadi), select 'New Participant Registration' and register player. Otherwise select the player.
5. Confirm/update Participant Details for player, select 'Next'.
6. Select 'Find a Competition', start typing 'Ipswich City Soccer Club Allsports Ltd' into Organisation Name and select Ipswich City Soccer Club Allsports Ltd.
7. Select the relevant competition, relevant Membership Details (usually Outdoor Player) and Registration Age Group (where required).
8. Select 'Add Competition and Membership'.
9. Update Additional Personal Information and select 'Add Competition and Membership'.
10. If using a FairPlay Voucher, select 'Add Government Voucher' and enter the voucher details.
11. Confirm/update Your Details.
12. Accept Terms and Conditions and select 'Continue'.
13. Select a payment option under Secure Payment Options, enter details requested and select 'Submit'.
14. A summary of the registration will appear, click the 'X' in the top left corner to finish.
15. If registration was successful, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you experience problems with your Squadi registration, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a screenshot of the issue you are experiencing