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What Program do I register for?

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How do Players Sign on?

Registration is the responsibility of the player or parent/guardian. If you require help please attend our sign on / information sessions.

2018 ICFC Calves Logo Football Qld

Calves Kick-Off (U3-U5)
Calves League (U5-U10)

Under 9 & 10 Acadmey
MiniRoos (U11-U12)
Junior (U13-U18)
Senior FQPL & Metro
Coaches, Mangers, Club Referee

Now Open

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Opens 9 Jan 2023

Football Federation Australia website


2018 ICFC Calves Logo Calves U3-U10

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Football Qld MiniRoos U10 - Seniors

Registration is the responsibility of the member or parent/guardian and is done via the Football Federation Australia (FFA) self-registration process.

1. Go to the Play Football website click here

2. Click ‘Start my registration’ located bottom right

3. Click ‘Get started’ and follow the prompts

Need help registering? https://support.playfootball.com.au/support/solutions/articles/220002352...

How do I sign in to my account? https://account.footballnetwork.com.au/register

How do I create a Football Account? https://support.playfootball.com.au/support/solutions/articles/220002321...