About the scholarship

We are proud to support all players regardless of ability that may need financial assistance. The Scholarship can assist with:

  • All or part of Membership Fee or Academy Fee
  • Merchandise
  • Football Boots (purchased via Rebel Sport Community Kickback)


To be considered for a Scholarship, you must:

  • be a registered player with Ipswich City Football Club
  • not be registered with any other association (e.g. Church League)

Key Dates

Open Now

Close Sunday 12th February 2023

Notifications Sunday 26th February 2023

How to apply

Tell us in 50 words or less to how the scholarship will benefit you. Applications are to be completed using the provided link, and will include:

  • Players Details (Players Name, DOB, Email)
  • What you need help with (Membership Fee, Academy Fee, Merchandise, Football Boots)
  • Submission Details

Selection Process

The selection process will be conducted by a panel of three members.

  • 1 x Management Team Member
  • 1 x General Committee Member
  • 1 x Coach

All details of the application shall be kept confidential as some may include personal and or financial situations of a member.


There is $5,000 in total allocated to the Scholarship Program.

  • $3,000 donated by ICFC Old Boys
  • $1,000 of club merchandise
  • $1,000 of Boots

The funds are to be spread over each age group and gender. A minimum of 1 x Male and 1 x Female in each Calves, MiniRoos, Junior, Senior. In the event there is no application in an age group or gender extra can be given to another applicant.

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